India welcomes its FIRST cashier-free store.

By rachel | 15th October 2018

First cashier-free store in India opens The first automated, cashier-free store in India has opened its doors. Watasale, which has opened in Kerala, has no staff on sales or cashier duty and customers are not expected to scan products or wait in line. Shoppers carrying their smartphones can walk in and out of the store…Read more

Shanghai welcomes its first Zara Concept store where shoppers are able to have their clothes send to their fitting room with just a scan and make payment without queuing.

By rachel | 15th October 2018

Zara China opens first concept store Fast-fashion retailer Inditex has opened its first Zara China concept store, in Shanghai’s CBD. The store features digital services provided in collaboration with Alibaba’s Tmall platform to allow customers to buy limited-edition items via their mobile phone. Visitors can scan product barcodes to signal an attendant to bring clothes…Read more

Many businesses are still experiencing gaps even after upgrading their user experience however, according to this article, it takes only two things to solve everything.

By rachel | 15th October 2018

Ecommerce needs these 2 things to dominate retail once and for all In some sense, VCs are in the profession of predicting the future. But iterating from the present creates a trap of linear thinking and blocks your mind from visualizing step-function changes. As a thought experiment, I wanted to parachute into a hypothetical future…Read more

Ordering coffee with just YOUR face? Oldtown White Coffee made it happen at its own concept store at Suntec City mall.

By rachel | 12th October 2018

Oldtown White Coffee concept store opens at Suntec Malaysian cafe chain Oldtown White Coffee has launched a concept store at Suntec City Mall. The venue opened last month and features a facial-recognition feature as part of its ordering system. Seating 88 guests, Oldtown Suntec City offers exclusive local menu items and new coffee flavours, including…Read more