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Stand: P14



PLUS was established in 2012 and is a subsidiary of PT. Square Gate One, which has more than 10 years of experience in providing information technology infrastructure for banking financial transactions and Financial Supply Chain transactions in a variety of industries. PT PLUS focuses on serving the needs of digital financial transactions for the e-commerce industry through the Espay Payment Gateway product.

Espay offers an e-commerce payment solution with the only B2C2B concept in Indonesia. Espay Payment Gateway provides payment receipt via credit card, bank, outlet, cash agent. Besides payment gateway that can be plugged in to website or e-commerce, Espay also provides portals named Tagih.ID and Kasir.ID. Tagih.ID is a billing solution or Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) with various channels for receiving real-time payment and reconciliation, while Kasir.ID is solution for receiving payments and reconciliation for Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises with the most complete payment channels.  Other services which also provided by Espay are Espay Payment Instruction, a fund distribution solution to various partner accounts in all Indonesian banks in real time online or SKN – BI; Espay PPOB Biller, solution for payment and biller purchases (credit for all operators, electricity tokens, BPJS, PDAM, insurance, airline, game vouchers, etc); Espay CDD – powered by DowJones, KYC (Know Your Customer) solution through a “name screening” service in the context of Anti Money Laundering & Prevention of Terrorism Funding; Espay Travel, a portal solution for airlines selling tickets to travel agents (top up travel agents); Espay Collection, a solution for collecting cash & electronic payments for distributors to retailers; Espay B2B, an electronic payment solution for the Business to Business scale; Espay SMS Gateway, Masking & Broadcast SMS solution for notification and marketing purposes; and Saldomu, digital financial services (e-monney) & smart services (branchless banking).