Future Commerce Excellence Awards

The inaugural Future Commerce Excellence Awards is launched to recognise the very best brands, retailers and tech companies with the best tech implementation and innovations in Indonesia alongside the Future Commerce Exhibition & Conference.

The categories offer an opportunity for companies to be recognised for their success and achievements as the best in Indonesia’s business landscape.

Award Winners

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Best Online Payment Solution Provider of the Year

This category recognises the most innovative, secure and friendly online payments solution for merchants, helping organisations grow their businesses online. Judges will be looking for the winning one that is able to provide tangible business benefits such as enabling customers to experience a fast and convenient online service, supporting merchants to accept or process a higher volume of online payments in a more reliable, timely or cost-effective way.


Best Delivery / Logistics Partner of the Year

This award goes to the best delivery/logistics provider helping merchants deliver their products and/or manage their logistics processes. The judges will be looking for specific examples of how the vendor has successfully helped clients manage its fulfilment challenges in the most timely, cost effective and innovative way possible.


Marketing Agency of the Year

This category recognises any marketing initiative by an agency - whether an advertising campaign, promotion, sponsorship, online marketing initiative or social media campaign - which has delivered measurable results for the brand/retailer/marketplace. The judges will be looking at the campaign strategy, the creative execution and most importantly, evidence of tangible success.


Best Engagement and Loyalty Campaign of the Year

This category will recognise organisations that have demonstrated excellence in its engagement or loyalty programme, improving the consumer experience to drive more loyal customers. The judges will be looking for specific examples of how the organisation has successfully responded to consumers’ needs for a timely and relevant loyalty programme or engagement campaign across all channels, as well as the technology underpinning this.