It’s time to say goodbye soon to cash payment for Starbucks in Korea. Starbucks Coffee Korea plans to add 300 more ‘cashless shops’ which would amount to one-third of the Starbucks shops in South Korea.

Starbucks Coffee Korea boosts cashless store ranks

Starbucks Coffee Korea is adding 300 more ‘cashless shops’ in addition to the 103 stores currently in operation, starting on Monday.

Cashless stores require  customers use a means of payment other than cash.

The company noted that adding 300 more cashless stores would amount to one-third of the 1200 Starbucks shops in South Korea.

“Instead of cash, customers will be asked to use credit cards, Starbucks cards, mobile transactions and other means of payment,” a company representative added.

Over the past three months, Starbucks reduced the ratio of cash transactions at its stores from 3.4 per cent to 0.2 per cent on average. The average number of cash transactions per store dropped from 19 to 1.1 per day.

“Cashless stores can better focus on customer satisfaction since employees don’t have to spend time going to the bank to balance cash,” Starbucks Coffee Korea said.

“Less work also means more satisfaction for our employees,” the company added.



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