Pre-event Press Release - 9 October 2018

English version

Future Commerce Indonesia 2019: Shaping the Future of Commerce to boost Indonesia’s digital economy

The two-days Exhibition and Conference connects digital players or companies to shifting into the digital economy and discovering the tools and strategies for the future to stay ahead in the business

JAKARTA, 9 OCTOBER 2018 - InternetRetailing Expo (IRX) Indonesia, the largest digital event in Indonesia returns once again and is now rebranded as Future Commerce Indonesia 2019, will be held on January 29-30, 2019 at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia. With the theme “Shaping the Future of Commerce”, Future Commerce Indonesia is bringing together leading brands and retailers from cross-industry, cross-technology, with innovative tech enablers and start-ups to disrupt and shape the future of commerce in the current digital economy.

Bahasa version

“Future Commerce Indonesia 2019: Shaping the Future of Commerce” Mendorong Ekonomi Digital Indonesia

Pameran dan Konferensi selama dua hari yang menghubungkan pemain di industri digital atau perusahaan untuk beralih ke ekonomi digital dalam menemukan cara dan strategi untuk tetap unggul dalam bisnis.

JAKARTA, 9 OKTOBER 2018 -InternetRetailing Expo (IRX) Indonesia, acara digital terbesar di Indonesia hadir kembali dan berganti nama menjadi Future Commerce Indonesia 2019, akan diselenggarakan pada 29-30 Januari 2019 di Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia. Membawa tema “Shaping the Future of Commerce”, Future Commerce Indonesia 2019 menghadirkan brand dan ritel terkemuka dari lintas industri dan teknologi dengan para enabler dan start-ups di teknologi inovatif dengan tujuan untuk mendisrupsi dan membentuk masa depan bisnis komersial di era digital ekonomi.

Albam Press Release

Albam, a Human Capital Management Software from South Korea will be
showcasing its groundbreaking Time Attendance Solution in Future
Commerce Indonesia.
“The average Human Resource Manager spends 45 minutes a day to calculate time attendance
and payroll. With Albam, time is reduced by 70% to only 15 minutes” - Tech In Asia

Blue Night Corporation, the company behind Albam; a revolutionizing Time Attendance / Shift/
Payroll Software that helps seamlessly automate and simplifies Human Resource is set to showcase its
product at Future Commerce Indonesia that will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Within 4 years after its
initial founding in 2015, Albam has gained high tractions in its founding country and is currently the 1st
HR SaaS provider in South Korea. It now has more than 50,000 + corporate users in more than 20
countries. The solution provides a free lifetime service for its popular Time and Attendance version for its