Accelerating grow for Brand, Manufacturer & Distributor via proprietary B2B commerce

Time: 12:00 pm - 12:20 pm
day: Day Two
stream: Tech Talk Stage


Business-to-business customers are demanding a better purchase experience. In a recent Industry survey of 1,000 B2B decision makers, lack of speed in interactions with their suppliers emerged as the number-one “pain point”. They prefer using self-service tools to facilitate research & reordering —after all, they use Amazon at home just like everyone else does. However, B2B customer interaction is fundamentally different & complex. Relationship often goes deeper, it involve more individuals & channels, customization is more widespread & stakes are usually higher in B2B deals.

Come and learn about Boostorder – a proprietary B2B Commerce & Big Data SAAS (Software as a service) for Brand, Manufacturer & Distributor. Boostorder is designed for B2B use case, and it comes with targeted set of digital capabilities for fast deployment & return on investment for B2B sales & customer experience digital transformation.