CONTENT MARKETING MASTERCLASS – How To Make Your Marketing More Efficient

Time: 1:10 pm - 2:50 pm
stream: Cloud Computing and Content Marketing Masterclasses
day: Day Two


In this hyper competition era where brands (big brands or SMEs) are competing head to head in the online ecosystem, content marketing is an integral part for them to win the market. However, brands often do not have the right in-house resources nor the ideal capabilities to strategise and produce their campaigns. Hence, their ideal game is to hire a marketing agency to do the job for them. However, most SMEs will not be able to have the marketing budget to hire a marketing agency and ends up doing it in-house with whatever resource they have which results in mediocre content marketing outputs.

Today, there are cost effective marketing services available that has the function to support brands to strengthen their core business. Hence, the big question is; how do brands competing in the online shopping domain make their marketing better through the abundant access of creative services available today? How to discover the right marketing services for your brand?This panel will discuss how businesses like GetCraft can provide brands and SMEs the access to marketing resources that in the old days was only reachable by giant brands.


As a brand who execute the ideal content marketing strategy, how to source the right vendor for marketing campaign strategy and production? Audience will get it by getting informed about:

● How is your workflow in creating your marketing strategy, campaign production?

● How significant does these supporting services help in achieving your marketinggoals?

Is it better to do in-house vs outsource?