The Future Of The Retail Industry Empowered By The Retailtech

Time: 11:20 am - 11:40 am
day: Day Two
stream: Tech Talk Stage


We see appearing here and there new concept stores, unmanned, powered by mobile authentication, mobile payment, RFID, robotics and more, giving unprecedented new trend of “OinO” (Online in Offline) marketing, finally mixing those two worlds in one…
– But is it really the future of the retail industry?
– What could be the benefits for the “online-only” brands to become offline?
– How could brands could get leverage with such “OinO” 360-degree marketing?
– Is it possible to envision the retail transformation without Retail tech?

The presentation will cover those aspect of the future of the retail industry by trying to answer to those questions with some examples of such deployment, powered by the new retail tech innovations and see how it can impact the shoppers and the retail industry ecosystem.