Joseph, Aditya-min

Joseph Aditya, CEO of, shares his insights on the top 3 challenges that the Asian market should expect to face for 2018:

1. Slower adoption rate due to market maturity and readiness

2. Lack of physical infrastructure to supply the market demand

3. Poor talent retention

Download the report here to find out on his insights on the key strategies in attracting customers and how to improve productivity in today’s digital age.

Leonard Nugroho T2
What are brands / retailers / marketplaces doing to improve productivity and efficiency in this digital age? What more can they do?
'Brand/retailers should no longer be thinking in binary terms of online or offline shopping as the worlds of virtual and physical shopping collide....'

Read more to find out as Leonard shares more about how retailers can design experiences and spaces to connect with people and be enabled by digital in a physical world.


Gautam Bartake, IT Service Integration Lead of Bayer, who shares his thoughts how the advancement of technology will affect an average person and how his company is changing to integrating to stay competitive.

Download Gautam’s interview here to learn more about his views on Cloud Platforms being a key enabler and Fintech as a disruptor.