Dhiraj Gupta

Dhiraj Gupta

Company: mFilterIt

Job title: CTO and Co-Founder


Dhiraj leveraging from over 15 years experience in ICT, co-founded Mfilterit and is currently its CTO. In this capacity, he is the chief architect of solutions for ad fraud, one of the key concerns advertisers face as digital advertising becomes the new norm.

Having worked in organisations like Nokia, Dhiraj designs the products which have both IT and Telecom technologies embedded making them robust solutions as we move towards convergence. He leads the team of solution architects at Mfilterit who have a wide expertise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Android, Data Analytics, Telecom and other critical knowledge centres that go in the making of complex solutions required for the ad-tech industry.

A DCE and IIM Lucknow alumni, Dhiraj is among leading subject matter experts on the subject and loves to enjoy real-time experiences as he continues to build solutions for various forms of frauds that are emerging in the digital space. He appears in some of the leading forums to share the emerging trends with the ecosystem.

His interests include travel, of course the leisure one.


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