Donald Wihardja

Donald Wihardja

Company: Convergence Ventures

Job title: Partner


Donald has over 20 years of experience working in the technology sector in Indonesia as an entrepreneur, operator and investor. His exposure and expertise in technology, finance, consulting, and management makes him a professional with proven track record ranges from investing, running and managing technology companies to raising investments.

Donald has spent over 5 years in the Digital Payment space; as GM for Indonesia in 2C2P, and previously as CIO in Indomog. In Indomog, he grew the company 3x annually for 4 consecutive years.

Donald previously worked in Quvat (Private Equity), where he helped manage the investment into Matrix Cable Network. The Matrix Cable ushered the country into the Internet Age by drastically reducing the cost of Internet for Indonesian customers.

Donald graduated with high honors from University of California at Berkeley with a BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and received his master’s degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.


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