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Italo Gani

Italo Gani

Company: Adskom

Job title: Co-Founder & CEO Adskom


Italo Gani is a tech entrepreneur that has been developing several tech startup companies for the past 20 years in South East Asia. His specialty in data-driven business activity makes him broadly-known today as one of the experts in data-centric marketing.

Currently he is active as:

  • The Co-founder and CEO of ADSKOM, a purchase-intent audience data exchange company with offices in Singapore, Indonesia, and India. ADSKOM was the first Indonesian tech startup that has global office in Singapore and India.
  • The Co-founder and chairman of INBOUNDID, the leader of performance based digital marketing agency.

He always believes in empowering internet industry in South East Asia by supporting the Indonesian ICT Ministry office as the Team Member of Assistance of Strategic Initiative Digital Economy of Indonesia and also joining advisory board of various associations.


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day: Day Two

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stream: Conference
day: Day Two