Jeffrey Ng

Jeffrey Ng

Company: Hospitality and Retail Group

Job title: CEO


Jeffrey Ng is an ‘Indonesian Retailer’ and is well known Retail and Lifestyle Professional for over 20 years.
He managed and operates renowned brands like Nike, Hush Puppies and Minimal., taking these brands to category leadership positions during his tenure.
As a passionate digital marketer, in 2014 he was first to implement an O2O solution for his retail customers to shop between his 80 frontline stores and his Online store.
The execution of the O2O for inventory management, promotions, distribution and logistic culminates in driving the business to the next level of growth.
More recently, he introduced a mobile app to enable his customers to transact where and when they want that witness a large adoption rate and volume contribution.
Jeffrey, currently helms a Financial Services Group with interest in retail, hotels, f&b and financial services. He is frequently sits on CEO Roundtables and is GLG exclusive consultant on Indonesian Retail.


Insights Into Changing Indonesian Consumer Buying Behavior 4:10 pm - 4:30 pm

Indonesians buying behavior have changed dramatically with the entry of new and emerging class of buyers, adoption of digital technologies and the disruption in ecommerce and fast fashion in retailing. The confluences of new emerging class of buyers and disruptions are far more intense than what many perceived. The impact to the business will be…Read more

stream: Conference
day: Day Two