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Malikkhan Kotadia

Malikkhan Kotadia

Company: Global Blockchain Advisory Foundation

Job title: Co-Founder


Malik is a senior global banker, FinTech expert, Futurist, acclaimed author and community builder.

In his 18 year long career, he has managed global roles in leading Multinational banks, run billion dollar businesses in different markets and driven key innovations in the FS industry.

He was last SVP- Global Digital Transformation at Citi, where he spent nearly 14 years in varied roles.

Malik is a passionate Digital evangelist and and a sought-after speaker, panelist and moderator at leading FinTech, Digital & Emerging Tech events across APAC. He has spoken at nearly 20 events and has addressed over 3000 industry professionals.

He is a mentor at a leading Fintech accelerator in Singapore, and advisor to some exciting global start-ups across FinTech, IOT, Blockchain, Analytics and EduTech.

Malik is also an acclaimed author with global readership.

His first book- The New Ages- deals with the ideas and ideals for a new world and was widely received by readers in nearly a dozen countries. Two more books are in the works for 2017.

Malik is also a passionate community builder and change catalyst.

He has nearly half million Facebook followers and runs one of the largest impact communities on Social media.



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