Mukesh Arora

Mukesh Arora

Company: Aurora Consultancy Group

Job title: President Director


Based in Indonesia for the past 27 years, Mukesh Arora has a very strong knowledge of the business operations in the country. He is well-versed with the legal complexities, local laws & customs, compliance statues and socio-economic challenges involved in acquiring assets & managing business in Indonesia. Has expertise in running businesses in Indonesia exceeding US$80 million in revenue for more than 2 decades.

Mr Arora has started more than a dozen ventures. Most of these grew up to be highly profitable companies. Aurora too was founded on a rainy afternoon along with his pre-teen (at that time) daughter. It has grown to be the most respected and the biggest privately-owned Indonesian recruitment company. Aurora places more than a thousand employees with progressive startups and multinationals.

A post-graduate in management, he speaks 8 languages and have traveled to 200+ destinations worldwide. He had worked closely with the National Team of Energy and regularly provides inputs to Governments and Corporates.

His tech founder friends fondly addressed as “A Fossil (with still a lot of Spark)”


How to Optimize Talent Acquisition in Countries with Shallow Talent Pool 4:00 pm - 4:20 pm

day: Day Two
stream: Tech Talk Stage