Pandu Sastrowardoyo

Pandu Sastrowardoyo

Company: Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia

Job title: Secretary-General


Pandu Sastrowardoyo lives at the intersection of business and technology. Having led multinational teams in several companies, she has a strong passion to link People, Products, and Processes to create new Possibilities.

She was the Country Leader of IBM’s first Expert Integrated System, PureSystems; a Business Manager for IBM ASEAN Lab Services, a part of the IBM Research labs; the AP Technical Manager for the IBM Worldwide Migration Factory Team; Territory General Manager for Managed Services Partners in IBM Indonesia;

She is now CoFounder of Blockchain Zoo, Secretary-General of Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, CTO of, and CCO of Oneme Identity.


The Distributed Cloud 10:00 am - 10:30 am

Covers how Blockchain can utilize Cloud solutions, and vice versa. – Biz value of Blockchain – Architectural techniques to combine Blockchain and Cloud solutions – Business cases where Blockchain is used on a Cloud infrastructureRead more

stream: Cloud Computing and Content Marketing Masterclasses
day: Day Two