Takeshi Ebihara

Takeshi Ebihara

Company: Rebright Partners

Job title: Founding General Partner


Founding General Partner of Rebright Partners, the early stage Venture Capital firm focus on India, SE Asia.

Ebihara has been in the industry +20 years as Venture Capitalist, as well as serial entrepreneur.His career started 1994 at JAFCO, the largest Venture Capital / PE firm in Japan.
Also founded and managed several internet companies include stock-ex listed publicly.



Keynote Panel: Bridging Indonesia’s Infrastructure Gaps And Economic Aspirations 9:15 am - 9:35 am

The fact that domestic delivery is more expensive than international shipping into the country underscores Indonesia’s infrastructure woes. Tackling the uneven infrastructure development distribution amongst the archipelago’s 17,000 islands is a mind boggling task to say the least. Will Indonesia’s undeveloped infrastructure dampen its economic rise? How can technology help to tackle the issue? Will…Read more

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day: Day One