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Tech Talk (1)

Tech Talk Stage - Available to all Attendees

Get informed about the latest products, in-depth market knowledge and solutions on this expo floor seminar available to all attendees.

The Tech Talk stage is a platform for Partners and Exhibitors to share how their products and services can help businesses in their digital and tech innovation strategies.
Situated within the exhibition hall, this is the perfect platform to get first hand knowledge on tactical how-to's, listen to case studies, research or product launches.

Day Two

1:00 pm - 1:20 pm

Getting more out of your SPGs and merchandisers. Here’s how.

Tech Talk Stage
As a brand, distributor or retailer, you employ many people in stores or going from store to store. The data you get from their activity is often not structured, incomplete and not real-time. What if you could know exactly what is happening with your staff and your product in real-time and get actionable reports? In…Read more


  • JC Bougle

    JC Bougle
    Co-founder and Managing Director - Powata